21 Epic GIFs of True Blood's Lafayette

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Nelsan Ellis recently passed away and we're paying tribute by remembering the many times he was able to make our day with his amazing portrayal of Lafayette Reynolds through seven seasons of True Blood on HBO.

Scroll down as we run down the best GIFs to come from True Blood, thanks to Reynolds' portrayal of Lafayette. 

1. Eric Needs a Slap

Eric Needs a Slap
Lafayette was not Eric's biggest fan on True Blood Season 2, and it resulted in many scenes like the above.

2. Shocked

It's not very often Lafayette is shocked, so that's why we were surprised by the above reaction.

3. Creepy Spirit Thing

Creepy Spirit Thing
Lafayette was on tap with a sassy comment as he helped Sookie with an evil spirit.

4. Blunt Business

Blunt Business
Lafayette had the best one-liners on the show. No other character could compete.

5. Helping The Possessed

Helping The Possessed
Even when someone possessed him, he still had a hilarious comment to fire back.

6. Problems

Lafayette seriously had an answer for everything and that's why we loved him.

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