19 TV Duos That Should Become Trios

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7. Audrey + Duke + Nathan - Haven

Audrey + Duke + Nathan - Haven
Another love triangle that was capable of starting up a conversation about bringing everyone together instead of focusing on how to split them up.

8. Amberle + Eretria + Wil - The Shannara Chronicles

Amberle + Eretria + Wil - The Shannara Chronicles
The true story within The Shannara Chronicles was all about the love that these three shared for one another. While on their Season 1 journey together, all three of them managed to pair off in various ways to strengthen their connections as pairs and as one big amazing trio. What could have been ...

9. Eleanor + Chidi + Tahani (+Jason) - The Good Place

Eleanor + Chidi + Tahani (+Jason) - The Good Place
Eleanor, Chidi, and Tahani all fit so perfectly together and yet it somehow still feels like there needs to be a choice. Eleanor is crushing on Tahani but is also in love with Chidi. And before any of that, Tahani and Chidi had an interesting friend date that confirms why this is a perfect success at a triangle. Jason might even fit in there somewhere if it wasn't for Janet, but the true trio is all about this mess of soulmates that need to get together in their definition of the good place.

10. Ravi + Liv + Peyton - iZombie

Ravi + Liv + Peyton - iZombie
Ravi and Peyton are killing it as relationship goals but Liv has been lacking in the romance department. There is this curse that leaves everyone she likes dead, except for Major. Obviously, the wish here isn't for the streak to continue, but maybe joining an iconic duo like Ravi and Peyton will reverse it. I'm just saying.

11. Harvey + Mike + Louis - Suits

Harvey + Mike + Louis - Suits
The more the merrier, and especially when you consider a friendship it always helps when you have a bigger group. Harvey and Mike's friendship is on another level but you can't deny that Louis has to be included in the mix as well.

12. Dean + Sam + Castiel - Supernatural

Dean + Sam + Castiel - Supernatural
This is almost an unofficial trio anyway, but this slideshow would be nothing without these three. Family ties definitely makes it easier to form a close-knit bond, but Castiel is not far behind Dean and Sam.

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