19 TV Couples Who Could Kill Each Other

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7. J.R. & Kristen - Dallas

J.R. & Kristen - Dallas
Who shot J.R. is one TV’s greatest mysteries. Since J.R. was awful to everyone, there were plenty of suspects. The culprit turned out to be his mistress, Kristen.

8. Jason & Janet - The Good Place

Jason & Janet - The Good Place
Jason's compulsive need to press giant, red buttons led to Chidi murdering Janet and then to Jason and Janet becoming romantically involved. Later, Janet hid Jason and others inside of her, which seems to have killed them. No tears please -- killing each other has only brought these two lovebirds closer together.

9. Joe & Beck - YOU

Joe & Beck - YOU
Beck justifiably hated Joe for stalking and imprisoning him. She managed to knock him, but, unfortunately, Joe regained the upper hand. He lived to stalk and kill another day.

10. Rumplestiltskin & Cora - Once Upon a Time

Rumplestiltskin & Cora - Once Upon a Time
Ingenuity and desire for power brought Rumple and Cora together but also tore them apart when she chose to be queen over running away with him. Upon reuniting in Storybrooke, their cross-purposes led to her trying to kill him to become the next Dark One and him succeeding in convincing Snow White to kill her.

11. Eve & Villanelle - Killing Eve

Eve & Villanelle - Killing Eve
Just when it seems Eve and Villanelle are finally ready to commit to their romantic relationship, one of them has to go stab or shoot the other.

12. Phoebe & Cole - Charmed

Phoebe & Cole - Charmed
Phoebe allowed herself to become evil because she wanted to be with Cole, but sisterhood ultimately won out. Cole tried to win her back several times, but each attempt only made their relationship disintegrate further.

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