19 TV Characters Who Should be the Next Bachelor

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7. Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead
Hey, it's slim pickin's in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, and Rick could use a break. He cleans up niced and fights off all intruders without hesitation. He'd probably expect his ladies to be fast, shoot well (guns or bows, their choice) be willing to put up with a teenage boy and a lot of zombies.

8. Eli Gold - The Good Wife

Eli Gold - The Good Wife
Eli is actually quite the ladies' man. Most importantly, he's a game player. He'll lie with the best of them to get what he wants. While the ladies lie, he'll be doing it as well. Hearts will be broken, maybe even his.

9. Raymond "Red" Reddington - The Blacklist

Raymond "Red" Reddington - The Blacklist
A very secretive and intense man, Red will offer up the very best of everything. But he'll also know more about the ladies and their families than they've ever known about themselves, so they best not lie. The polar opposite of Eli Gold, this will be about truth and lies could be deadly.

10. President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant - Scandal

President Fitzgerald "Fitz" Grant - Scandal
Alright. The President of the United States. Does anything more even need to be said about the possibilities of The Bachelor with this man at the helm? And it MUST take place in The White House. Contests? Speechwriting and table settings.

11. Fox Mulder - The X-Files

Fox Mulder - The X-Files
All these years later, and Fox still has no significant other. Well, the truth is still out there, Mulder. We'll get you a stable of red heads who may or may not believe. Their job is to convince Mulder they're the one. Sounds simple enough.

12. Hank Voight - Chicago PD

Hank Voight - Chicago PD
Voight is all about family, whether by blood or by badge. He has no time at all for the ladies, so he's a perfect bachelor. He'll find something wrong with every one, will keep secrets and hide out, but if they're persistent and petulant, they may stand a chance.

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