19 TV Characters Who Need to Take a Hike

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7. Dean Boland - Good Girls

Dean Boland - Good Girls
Being a shady car salesman should be enough to make us want to slam the door in Dean's face, but the fact that he's so clueless about everything makes him even worse. He lives in his own little world, and we think he needs to pack up and go live there forever -- away from all of us!

8. Delilah Dixon - A Million Little Things

Delilah Dixon - A Million Little Things
From experience, we know that pregnancy sometimes makes you stupid, but we have a feeling Delilah was just born this way. How someone like her has survived this long is anyone's guess, but there's a hole in her psyche that may never be repaired. She's either as completely helpless as she seems or it's all one big play for control. Doesn't matter. Somebody needs to buy her a one-way ticket outta here!

9. Dann - The Orville

Dann - The Orville
Why does Dann even exist in The Orville's world? His awkward humor is painful at best and insulting at worst. He may be a throwback to MacFarlane’s roots in Family Guy and American Dad comedy but he’s totally out of place in this world and needs to hop on a spaceship back to...anywhere.

10. Grace Stone - Manifest

Grace Stone - Manifest
What is wrong with Grace? About a million things. Like others on this list, Grace has a fascination with herself much to the detriment of everyone around her. She needs to take a step back and take serious stock of herself, but we know that won't be happening any time soon which is why we wish she would take a long hike deep into woods and get lost.

11. Andy Herrera - Station 19

Andy Herrera - Station 19
She's supposed to be a badass, but she's just a bad person. Andy is another selfish, spoiled brat who thinks the world revolves around her. She's unstable, unlikeable, and the sooner she goes away, the happier we'll be!

12. Frankie - Animal Kingdom

Frankie - Animal Kingdom
Frankie is like that person who hangs around hoping you'll accept her into your group even though no one can stand her. She serves no purpose other than being a love interest for Craig, and even if she thinks she can be a benefit to the family, there's just something off about her. Craig needs to dump her on the side of the road so she can hitchhike her way out of town, pronto!

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