20 Romantic Pairs that Brightened 2015

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Through all the drama and laughter, there is always love.

No matter what show is airing, love makes its way to the forefront in some way or another.

These particular couples really lit up the small screen with what they did with the love their characters shared. 

Here's hoping for more in 2016!

1. Claire and Jamie - Outlander

Claire and Jamie - Outlander
Jaime and Claire on Outlander. In addition to steaming up our screens on the regular this season, the two lead character managed to turn their spur of the moment marriage of necessity into a wonderful example of a passionate, respectful marriage. They may may stumble occasionally as they work out their many differences, but in the end, they are each other's rocks.

2. Klaus and Cami - The Originals

Klaus and Cami - The Originals
Klaus and Cami from The Originals. We’ve been watching the slow burn of their relationship for two and a half seasons now and they’ve finally decided to get real with each other. After an honest conversation on the compound balcony, Klaus and Cami finally kissed. And now our hearts are in limbo as we await news of her fate.

3. Caitlin and Jay - The Flash

Caitlin and Jay - The Flash
One of our favorite romances this season is Caitlin Snow and Jay Garrick from The Flash. We really hope that they can overcome all their obstacles and make this one work, because it's sweet and funny and even Cisco is rooting for them!

4. Fitz and Simmons - Agents of SHIELD

Fitz and Simmons - Agents of SHIELD
When Fitz and Simmons kiss on Agents of Shield. It took years for them to finally fully confront their feelings for each other and now they have but their timing is awful. Fitz says it's because they are cursed. Simmons is in love with Fitz and Will. Fitz tells her that Will is great and that he understands why she loves Will. Simmons argues that it was Fitz that jumped through a hole in the universe for her and they kiss. It was bittersweet and worth the wait.

5. Zoe and Wade - Hart of Dixie

Zoe and Wade - Hart of Dixie
Zoe and Wade finally got married on Hart of Dixie. And had a baby. And decided to stay in Bluebell to raise him. This pair was written in the stars way back in Season 1 and we watched every up and down that they encountered on their journey to finally finding everlasting love. Hart of Dixie may have ended in 2015, but at least this 'ship sailed off on a very satisfying note.

6. Dawson and Casey - Chicago Fire

Dawson and Casey - Chicago Fire
This one has to go to Casey and Dawson on Chicago Fire. The moment when he tells her that being with her is what makes sense and he never wants her out of his life again was incredibly sweet and romantic. Then the look of pure happiness on his face when she responded that she's pregnant was just the icing on the cake.

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