19 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Pearson!

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7. Nick D'Amato

Nick D'Amato
If you're a sucker for the strong and silent type, Nick D'Amato is your guy. He doesn't say much, but when he does, his words matter and are very telling. He operates according to a personal code of ethics, which includes loyalty and putting family first. He's mysterious, perplexing, and intriguing. He's also an unexpected scene-stealer.

8. Family- Focus

Family- Focus
The series isn't just a political-suspense drama, but it also has a strong focus on family. Part of learning more about Jessica Pearson is seeing how driven she is to protect the people she loves as she also figures out how to be part of a family after years of being estranged and on her own.

Angela, Lillian, and the kids add something special to the series, but the theme of family also weaves throughout the series with Bobby's family and the Novak family history.

9. It's Suspenseful with an Ongoing Mystery

It's Suspenseful with an Ongoing Mystery
Pearson balances out the political intrigue with the suspense and mystery. There's an ongoing arc to piece together with every installment in hopes of unraveling a season-long mystery. Nearly every installment ends on a juicy note that keeps you coming back for more and scrambling to figure out what is happening.

10. Explores Class Differences and Inequality

Explores Class Differences and Inequality
Suits often focused on the corporate/white-collar world and wealth. Pearson is more grounded. It highlights the class and racial disparity in Chicago. It addresses the crime rate and police brutality. It's about serving the community. It boldly addresses tough, real issues. The city of Chicago is a character of its own and what affects it is embedded in every installment.

11. Deliciously Loathsome Antagonist

Deliciously Loathsome Antagonist
Pat McGann is a fantastic villain/antagonist for the series. In the end, he's a manifestation of what's antagonistic: corruption, poverty, capitalism, and so forth. He's a character you love to hate, and the threat he poses to the protagonists of the series is legitimate and realistic.

12. It's Gritty, Dark, and Compelling

It's Gritty, Dark, and Compelling
Pearson has a different vibe than it's predecessor. It's darker and grittier in its storytelling, which often raises the stakes for all the characters, including Jessica. There are so many conspiracies, dark alleys, and seedy locations. There's an air of danger that comes with the character interacting with all types from crime bosses to gang leaders. Pearson isn't afraid to go there with its storytelling.

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