19 OMG! WTF! Moments from Pretty Little Liars

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If any show has its share of OMG moments followed by WTF moments, it's Pretty Little Liars. Enjoy our picks!

1. Funerals are Fashionable

Funerals are Fashionable
The Liars have been to too many funerals, but they always look damn good attending.

2. The Liars Parents Out of It

The Liars Parents Out of It
For as often as the Liars are bullied and assaulted, they're parents seem oblivious most of the time. Kind of like The Peanuts.

3. Ian Dies in the Clock Tower

Ian Dies in the Clock Tower
A major A suspect didn't make it very far before he was murdered by hanging in the clock Tower.

4. Jenna Can See!

Jenna Can See!
The handy thing about wearing dark shades all the time is that nobody knows when your sight returns after surgery!

5. Strip Academic Decathlon

Strip Academic Decathlon
Spencer gives the academic decathlon new cool factor she agrees to a strip version. Get an answer wrong, lose a piece of clothing. Not bad Spence!

6. Maya is Killed

Maya is Killed
Maya was killed by a passerby character. A stalker pretending to be her cousin after her death to get close to Emily. The biggest shame was she wasn't even killed by a member of the A team. Meaningless.

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Caleb: How's the wedding night going for you?
Hanna: Not how I thought it would be.

Emily: Maybe I'm not the person everyone thinks I am.
Hanna: Who is?