19 of the Most Unique Marriage Proposals on Television

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Proposals don't have to be classic to be epic. The question isn't always asked over a perfectly organized dinner or during a moonlit stroll on the beach.

They can happen in all kinds of ways, and while some proposals may be really outside the box and others may not go as planned, they can be just as (if not more) beautiful. 

We've composed a slideshow below of 19 of the most unique marriage proposals on TV! 

1. Meredith and Derek - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith and Derek - Grey's Anatomy
Being a total romantic, Derek decorated the hospital elevator with different reminders of his journey with Meredith at Seattle Grace. Instead of properly asking the question, Derek just told Meredith that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

2. Jules and Grayson - Cougar Town

Jules and Grayson - Cougar Town
To start off their life full of surprises, Grayson gets Jules to teepee a house and ends up proposing when he comes to arrest her. While it may sound like an odd prank and proposal, he managed to give Jules everything she wanted.

3. Barry and Iris - The Flash

Barry and Iris - The Flash
During his second attempt at a proposal, Barry sang "Running Home To You" to Iris. It was extremely sweet and romantic, and let's be honest. If Iris hadn't said yes, we would have transported to the DC universe and accepted his proposal ourselves.

4. Barney and Robin - How I Met Your Mother

Barney and Robin - How I Met Your Mother
Out of all the proposals on this list, Barney's proposal to Robin was by far the most thought out and unique. In an elaborate plan that took course over a series of episodes, Barney pretended that he was dating and proposing to her co-worker Patrice. Robin went to stop the proposal only to find out it was her Barney was proposing too.

5. Nomi and Amanita - Sense8

Nomi and Amanita - Sense8
When Amanita pulled out a ring and asked Nomi to marry her she was overwhelmed for more than one reason. After taking a minute to compose herself, Nomi pulled out a ring as well! They both ended up getting a proposal and it couldn't have been any more perfect.

6. Cory and Topanga - Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga - Boy Meets World
Topanga ends up proposing to a pretty shocked Cory during their graduation. Later, Cory wants to do the proposing as well, but his mom butts in and half-way does it for him before he takes the ring and proposes himself.

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