19 of the Best TV Characters to Mend Your Broken Heart

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13. Jim - Gotham

Jim - Gotham
Jim Gordan knows the world can be corrupt, dark, and scary. It doesn't stop him from comforting a traumatized child or saving a city everyone else wrote off.

14. Carrie - Sex and the City

Carrie - Sex and the City
Carrie is the gal to go to when you're in the midst of romantic woes. Thanks to the enormous amount of information she has accumulated on things related to sex and romance, she knows exactly what you're going through, and her keen insight will guide you on how to survive to it.

15. Officers Bishop and Lopez - The Rookie

Officers Bishop and Lopez - The Rookie
Officers Bishop and Lopez are not only LAPD's finest patrol officers, but they're also great people to have as friends. Once they caught wind of the arrest of Bradford's wife, Isabel, they immediately gave him their support and did everything in their power to help Bradford keep Isabel alive.

16. Casey - Chicago Fire

Casey - Chicago Fire
It's no surprise the people of Chicago voted for Matt Casey to be Alderman. His refusal to standby and let people suffer is why we want someone like him in our corner.

17. Kara - Supergirl

Kara - Supergirl
Kara's indomitable will and endless compassion are why she always makes (or alters) time for friends, foes, or complete strangers in need.

18. Magnus - Shadowhunters

Magnus - Shadowhunters
Magnus takes the wellbeing of the people under his wing very seriously, and he has the power to back it up. He's also wise and makes for a great parental figure.

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