19 TV Villains Sure to Haunt Your Dreams

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7. Victoria Grayson - Revenge

Victoria Grayson - Revenge
Victoria was the perfect foil for Emily in the Hamptons. The things she did to David Clarke were terrible, but that was nothing in comparison to what she allowed happen to her own family along the way. In the end she was left with nothing and no one, but that didn't mean we weren't quaking in our boots while she lied, schemed and connived her way through the socialites.

8. BOB - Twin Peaks

BOB - Twin Peaks
BOB has been described as the manifestation of "the evil that men do." An evil spirit, BOB could take on different manifestations and appearances. While being possessed by BOB, Leland raped and murdered Laura Palmer and he eventually made Leland commit suicide. If Twin Peaks comes back, we wonder if we'll be seeing BOB yet again.

9. Natalie Davis - CSI

Natalie Davis - CSI
Every time we see a miniature doll house we get the shivers. CSI’s Miniature Killer was truly frightening. Whether she was pushing her own little sister out of a treehouse to her death, or killing multiple victims as an adult and then perfectly replicating her crime scenes in miniature, Natalie Davis scared the heck out of us. Even her little girl voice still creeps us out.

10. Amanda Woodward - Melrose Place

Amanda Woodward - Melrose Place
There wasn't anything Amanda wouldn't do to get to the top or with whom she wouldn't do it. Being a landlord in a Hollywood apartment complex gave her more men than she could shake a stick at, and damn if she didn't shake her sticks at all of them (and more). From that moment on, Heather Locklear became the IT girl to turn up the heat on any show.

11. Drew Marshall - True Blood

Drew Marshall - True Blood
It was a truly terrifying moment when Drew Marshall dropped the accent, becoming Rene Lenier, and turned from loving boyfriend into sadistic killer. He hated people, human or supernatural, who loved vampires so much that he started killing them. It takes a lot to be scary in Bon Temps but Drew found a way. Unfortunately for him, Sookie found a way to take him out.

12. Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal

Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal
As if being a psychotic cannibal isn't bad enough, Lecter actually cut off a man's leg and then fed it to him for dinner. Yeah, after we stopped gagging on the very thought, we added Hannibal to this list.

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