19 Couples Whose Romance was Ruined by Death

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Death is cruel, especially when it comes to television romances.

The couples we watch on TV aren't immune to the ups and downs of romance.

We've lived through their drama and heartbreak.

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And we've cheered when it looks like they've finally found the path to everlasting happiness together.

But like everything on television, sometimes the cruel hand of fate doesn't want anyone to be happy - fictional television couples or their fans.

Here are 19 TV couples who never got their happy ending because death got in the way!

1. Jon and Daenerys - Game of Thrones

Who cares what their familial relationship was. They should have been together forever, but Daenerys' thirst for power was too dangerous and needed to end. At least it was Jon who put an end to her reign of terror.

2. Vic and Ripley - Station 19

We're still shedding tears over the end of Vicley. Chief Ripley and Vic's secret relationship was one of the most intense ever. They were made for each other which is why death was so utterly painful for all of us.

3. Sara and Snart - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Okay, so maybe they weren't in a relationship, but they should have been. They always liked each other, but when he sacrificed himself for the team, all hopes of a Captain Canary pairing was lost forever.

4. Anna and Severide - Chicago Fire

Severide has had many loves, but Anna could have been the one who would have had his heart forever. Their romance began when he went through a painful procedure to donate bone marrow for her cancer battle. They fell in love, had an on-again-off-again long distance relationship, and just when it seemed they might be headed in the right romantic direction, her cancer came back, and she died. A heartbreaking blow, to say the least.

5. Glenn and Maggie - The Walking Dead

Maggie and Glenn had been through a lot together having to live in hell on earth, but they survived, and their love grew stronger every day. Just when they were approaching one of the happiest times of their lives -- the upcoming birth of their first child together -- Negan came along with his friend Lucille and destroyed it all.

6. Derek and Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

This rollercoaster relationship lasted for nearly nine years until it finally ended when Derek died. It was heartbreaking for a couple who had been through so much drama together, but as with almost everything on television, nothing lasts forever.

7. Clarke and Lexa - The 100

Whether or not Clarke and Lexa knew their love wouldn't last isn't the point. The point is anything is possible in TV land, and the possibilities these two could have had a lasting romance is one that will haunt us forever.

8. Wes and Laurel - How to Get Away with Murder

While there are many who weren't too keen on the Wes and Laurel hookup, they had been close friends before they ended up in the bedroom together. Whether their relationship would have lasted is anyone's guess, but Wes' murder put all the speculation on hold.

9. Butch and Tabitha - Gotham

Butch and Tabitha always had an odd relationship, but it was a romance they both enjoyed. Butch went through many trials and tribulations and just when he fixed himself in anticipation of a happy life with Tabitha, Penguin shot him down. Nothing lasts forever, especially on Gotham.

10. Jack and Rebecca - This is Us

Jack and Rebecca had one of the greatest love stories on television. We all knew he had died, we just didn't know how. When it was finally revealed, we were as devastated as Rebecca and the kids. Jack and Rebecca deserved better, and so did we.

11. Regina and Robin Hood - Once Upon a Time

Regina and Robin's romance didn't have a happily ever after like all fairy tale romances should. It doesn't matter that Robin sacrificed himself to save the woman he loved, all that matters is that their future happiness was crushed -- and so was ours.

12. Willow and Tara - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This romance was a slow burn evolving from a deep friendship into one of true love. These two should have had a happy life together, even with ups and downs found in any relationship, but their future was stripped when a stray bullet killed Tara. It was a cheap shot (no pun intended) that no one in the Buffy fandom deserved.

13. Sam and Jessica - Supernatural

This is a tough one. Had Jessica not been killed by the yellow-eyed demon, the journey of Sam and Dean and their fight against the hidden horrors of the world would never have begun. But it's worth pondering if there was a way Sam and Jessica could have been together even as he and his brother fought to save the world.

14. Tom and Liz - The Blacklist

There were many fans who weren't fans of Tom, but he and Liz were made for each other. They finally found a happy place after many seasons of difficulties, but it was tragically torn away when Ian Garvey came into their lives and ripped Tom from Liz's life forever.

15. Bonnie and Enzo - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Enzo had some great times together. They were each other's true love and would live and die for one another. Yet, Benzo wasn't meant to last. Stefan killed Enzo, thus destroying any hope for the couple.

16. Ryan and Marissa - The O.C.

Some might believe that Ryan and Marissa's relationship was toxic, but they belonged together -- they just needed some more time. Unfortunately, their time ran out when she was killed in a horrific car accident caused by her ex.

17. Rayna and Deacon - Nashville

Rayna and Deacon were Nashville's golden couple. All the drama these two endured only to have it end on even worse drama was heartbreaking for everyone. Television is full of disappointments, but this one was by far one of the worst.

18. Adriana and Christopher - The Sopranos

Having to live the life Adriana had to live was no doubt stressful, but her love for Christopher was true. She did the unthinkable when she started working with the F.B.I. Her fate was sealed, and her and Christopher's romance was doomed.

19. Tara and Jax - Sons of Anarchy

Another couple who traveled to hell and back to be together but just as things started to look somewhat brighter (at least for Tara), someone decided to destroy it all. In this case, it was Jax's tripped out mom who shut down his and Tara's romance in one of the most brutal murders ever seen on television.

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