19 Characters Who Would Sacrifice Their Love Lives for the Greater Good

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7. Loralei Gilmore - Gilmore Girls

Loralei Gilmore - Gilmore Girls
When it comes to romantic relationships, Loralei is very self-sacrificial. She broke up with Max when the backlash of them dating caused trouble for Rory. Despite the heartbreak, she gracefully stepped aside so Christopher could go back to a pregnant Sherry. Then she ended her relationship with Jason after he sued her father.

8. Eddie - A Million Little Things

Eddie - A Million Little Things
In the course of one season, Eddie went from despicable to someone worth rooting for. Katherine noticed his character development too. Just as she was ready to get back together, Eddie told her he had a confession -- almost certainly about fathering a child on Deliah. The news will definitely derail or possibly torpedo their reconciliation, but, in choosing to come clean, Eddie made the right choice.

9. Farkle - Girl Meets World

Farkle - Girl Meets World
Nerdy guys doggedly pursuing girls who don't reciprocate and actually like someone else is a television staple. What makes Farkle appreciably different from the Urkels and Screeches is how he genuinely cares about Riley and Maya's happiness. If this means helping Riley with her crush on Lucas, he'll gladly do it.

10. Debbie - GLOW

Debbie - GLOW
Debbie nearly gave up being Liberty Belle to go back to Mark, but she realized it was better to be a wrestling hero than married to someone who resents you. After GLOW went Vegas, she fell for Tex. However, when he made it clear he didn't respect her as a business savviness, she decided to buy out the tv network he wanted from under him. Now she has the opportunity to make television history.

11. Nick Scratch - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Nick Scratch - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Nick kept his motives close to his vest thereby creating an air of ambiguity around him. Did he really care about Sabrina, or was he using her for some nefarious purpose? The answer is both. He followed the order to seduce Sabrina, but he also saved her and everyone else when he gave up his body to imprison the Dark Lord.

12. Hopper - Stranger Things

Hopper - Stranger Things
We've been wanting Hopper and Joyce together since the beginning. Their constant bickering got annoying, but there was still hope the two of them would work things out and finally reach the next level in their relationship. All that changed the moment Hopper gave Joyce permission to destroy the machine keeping the Gate to the Upside Down open and him along with it.

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