19 Characters We Want at Our Summer Pool Party!!

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7. Nick and Jess - New Girl

Nick and Jess - New Girl
Nick and Jess are a party unto themselves and will liven things up the minute they walk in the door. There doesn't even have to be music for Nick to have a good time, and once he starts the whole party starts.

8. Lucifer - Lucifer

Lucifer - Lucifer
Lucifer might make us crazy with his insatiable desire to show off his body, but he’d definitely take this party up a few notches. He’s classy and sassy and will make sure everyone has a good time, even if he has to use his supernatural charm to do it.

9. Rumple - Once Upon a Time

Rumple - Once Upon a Time
Rumple might be a little dangerous, but he'd be loads of fun. He'd be the party's games master, telling people their fortunes and performing magic tricks to the delight of all! And since he probably doesn't get many invitations, he should be on his best behavior which would be good for everyone.

10. Hakeem - Empire

Hakeem - Empire
Hakeem knows what it takes to get a party going. He's been doing it almost his entire life. Just give him a mic, and he'll have everyone dancing in no time.

11. Kono - Hawaii Five-0

Kono - Hawaii Five-0
Kono may take her job seriously, but every good cop needs some downtime once in a while. Though she might not share her sharpshooting secrets, she might just show us some of her cool pool moves.

12. Homer - The Simpsons

Homer - The Simpsons
Homer may be an idiot, but someone needs to cook. What better person to fire up the grill than someone who loves food? Plus, we know he’ll bring lots of beer!

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