19 Beloved Series That Fell Into a Slump!

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7. The Flash

The Flash
The season lost its mojo when they sidelined Barry. He was brought back from the speed force, but he ended up in prison shortly after that. He spent a significant amount of time in there only to come out and still take a backseat to Ralph.

There is such a thing as too much of the Elongated Man. Unfortunately, Ralph saturated the majority of the season with his cowardice, whining, and silliness. If you weren't a fan, or it took a while for you to come around to him, it made the season a chore to watch.

His arc was a repetitive and irritating cycle of tug-o-war. He had to be dragged kicking and screaming into heroic endeavors, lashed out at the team weekly, and required a pep talk multiple times an episode. Ralph's overuse meant the rest of the team were unable to thrive in their own storylines.

The series also spent the entire season portraying their antagonist as someone who could not be defeated, but then spent an episode revealing the simplest most obvious solution to defeat him with such overtness it took the fun out of the remainder of the season. The series is getting a bit repetitive. Also, still not over the wedding. Sorry, not sorry.

8. Lucifer

This one hurts the absolute most because even when this series struggled, as is the case with the recent season, it in no way deserved to be canceled. Lucifer is hands down one of the best series on FOX, and Lucifans are a force of hellraisers. We here are TV Fanatic are die-hard Lucifer fans and this cancellation has crushed us the most. There's hope, you guys. Keep tweeting and trending the series. #SaveLucifer and #Renew Lucifer are getting the necessary attention, and I swear to, Dad, we're not letting this one go without a fight!

Obviously, Pierce/Cain is the reason the series made it to this list. A soggy napkin has more personality and character than that guy. Ironically, Cain is more interesting when he's playing off of Lucifer, but they made the baffling decision to pair him with Chloe.

Was Ella responsible for this writing decision? She was the only person who saw chemistry between Chloe and Pierce. Dad knows Ella has become an extreme caricature of herself this season on top of everything else.

Lucifer, like some of the other series listed here, had the misfortune of having a long season with not enough material to carry it. There were a handful of episodes from the previous season randomly thrown in that threw off the narrative. The mythology at times was confusing for the writers and viewers.

Tom Ellis being the incredible Tom Ellis aside, the most compelling and interesting characters this season have been Charlotte, Linda, Amenadiel, and Dan. Please, someone, anyone, pick up Lucifer! They have one of the best cast on television. The series has a devoted fanbase. The characters are endearing, and the storytelling is compelling. No way this amazing series deserves to end. It certainly shouldn't end on it's most disjointed season. If it has to go, it needs to go out on top.


The crazy thing about this season of UnReal is that you didn't realize how disappointing it was until after you enjoyed the episode. Fans were so grateful the third season wasn't the trainwreck that UnReal's second season was that we settled for bronze instead of gold. We deserve gold!

The Quinnicisms have been on point, and the salacious drama was there all season, but what was the point of this season? It was boring up until the finale, and that was used to set up the next season. That's resting on one's laurels.

UnReal is best when it focuses on Quinn, but unfortunately, viewers were subjected to the neverending Rachel saga. What was worst, was there was no nuance to her storyline at all. At this point, I'm beyond caring about Rachel's emotional baggage. That sounds awful considering she is a mentally ill abuse and rape survivor, but bloody hell, enough already!

Serena was in no way likable, and many of the men pursuing her were awful, too. Some days, it's hard to believe that UnReal is the same Peabody award-winning, groundbreaking show that blew our socks off. Until next year, UnReal. Until next year.

10. Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People
This sleeper hit is one of the best things Lifetime has to offer, but the second season experienced that pesky sophomore slump. It's such a short season, which lends itself to tighter storytelling, but that wasn't the case for Mary Kills People Season 2.

The season's primary storylines had massive plot holes that couldn't be overlooked. The second season was darker and more somber, and the cliffhanger in the finale was a bit too heavy. It was also difficult when Mary went so dark that it was difficult at times to root for her. Still, the series is critically acclaimed for a reason, so hopefully it will recapture the charm of the first season.

11. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones is a hit, and Krysten Ritter excels at the role. Unfortunately, the sophomore season was stagnant. There was very little momentum which had the season dragging. It lacked action, and the antagonist wasn't nearly as gripping. The second season favored introspective character development and relationships that were more soap operatic than superhero. Sadly, it was dull and disappointing, and while the series maintains a strong feminist narrative, it still struggled with inclusiveness, particularly in its treatment of women of color.

12. Suits

This season has been all rinse, wash, and repeat. Mike's actions or presence jeopardizes someone or the firm. Someone is always "coming for them," and an angel loses it's wings every time someone says "goddamn" or "bullshit." The firm is always in jeopardy of failing, and someone always wants to take the group down. The worst part is, sometimes, it's hard not to root for the so-called "bad guys" versus our favorite characters because often, they're in the right.

The impact of Jessica's departure never landed because she reappeared so often. Donna's promotion to partner was one of the most ludicrous choices in the show's history. Donna and Harvey's relationship issues dragged on far too long, and the contrivance of Paula was just that, a contrivance. At this point, whether you like the 'ship or loathe it, you just want them to get it over with.

Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel's wedding was pushed back to serve as finale fodder to send off two more of the series' leads whose absence will significantly impact the series. Perhaps the addition of Katherine Heigl will revitalize the series for season 8.

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