18 Brilliant (and Scary) Computer Hackers on TV Shows

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7. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity Smoak - Arrow
It's no surprise the MIT grad who has a master's degree in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences and claims to have built computers starting at the tender age of 7 is on Team Arrow -- she's a technological genius! She was initially introduced as an IT girl who served as Oliver's hacker but we know she eventually became CEO.

8. Chloe - 24

Chloe - 24
There's a reason Chloe is Jack Baure's most trusted colleague, she goes above and beyond for him often doing unauthorized favors. She's proficient in many computer languages, can defeat encryptions, find data no one wants found, and can even access government-controlled networks. In other words, you would probably want her on your team too.

9. Abby Sciuto - NCIS

Abby Sciuto - NCIS
Abby Sciuto is a forensic genius not only in the traditional sense -- she's also into computer forensics and hacking. Her wacky, colorful character has masterful sleuthing skills which have been crucial in putting away all the bad guys for 15 seasons.

10. Chuck - Designated Survivor

Chuck - Designated Survivor
Chuck is the only reason Maggie Q's character, Hannah, gets anything done on Designated Survivor. He's an FBI agent who put his skills of tracing phones, pinging locations, and digging up security footage to help her solve a large-scale government conspiracy.

11. Mac - Veronica Mars

Mac - Veronica Mars
Mac made being a woman in STEM the epitome of cool. Mac is the "James Bond" to Veronica Mars' character not only when it comes to cyber sleuthing but also witty banter. She uses her world-class hacking skills to solve difficult and twisted cases.

12. Gordon Clark - Halt and Catch Fire

Gordon Clark - Halt and Catch Fire
The middle-aged coder tries to shake the failures of his disastrous COMDEX. He impressively reverse-engineers an IBM PC alongside partner Joe MacMillan in one weekend which puts their company on track to being a leader in the market. Only geniuses can accomplish such feats in such a short period of time.

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