18 Breathtaking Moments from This Week's This Is Us

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If you were having a difficult time after watching This Is Us Season 1 Episode 16, you weren't alone.

I'm fairly certainly all of America (and soon the world) was right beside you in your grief.

But we're watching This Is Us, where we've already fallen in love with a dead man and learned from his son that life is like a painting. We all have a part and there is no beginning and no end.

We will surely be seeing William again. 

But for now, let's take a look at some of the breathtaking moments from "Memphis." And if you missed it, fear not. You can watch This Is Us online to see all of these in context. It's more than worth the effort.


1. The Trip is a Go

The Trip is a Go
The doctor rules in favor of Randall taking a little time for himself and getting to know his father better. The trip to Memphis is on with a fist bump!

2. He Is Our Sunshine

He Is Our Sunshine
William was his mother and father's sunshine long before he was ours, but his mother was left to raise their son alone after his father died at war.

3. William Throws Caution to the Wind

William Throws Caution to the Wind
Randall had the trip all mapped out, on paper, but William was going to teach his son how to let his hair fly with the windows down.

4. William Asks About Jack

William Asks About Jack
William admits he was shocked about Randall's breakdown and asks Randall what life was like with Jack. Randall shares how Jack got him through his anxiety as a child.

5. William Thanks Jack

William Thanks Jack
William asks Randall to visit Jack, and once there he thanks Jack for raising his son when he couldn't in a lovely conversation that ends in the way only William could do it, "Cool."

6. William Pushes Himself to See His Hometown

William Pushes Himself to See His Hometown
Randall (and us) are so wrapped up in the trip that we miss the signs of how much William's health has deteriorated and how difficult it is for him to get up and visit Memphis.

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This Is Us
This Is Us Season 1 Episode 16: "Memphis"
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This Is Us Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

William: What was he like, your father?
Randall: Larger than life, I guess. He had this really great laugh. Like when he laugh, it almost surprised him. Like when he laughed, it surprised him he could laugh so freely.

William: It's quite a shock to see you so vulnerable, the night Kevin brought you home. It's hard to fathom. You seem to have it so together.
Randall: Too together. I put the pressure on myself. It's always been like that ever since I was a little boy. My father, he kept it in check. Whenever I'd get too in my head, he'd take my hands and put them on both sides of my head and say 'there you go, breathe with me' and then we'd just sit there, breathing together, until it passed.