18 Beloved Shows Coming to an End in 2017

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Whether they're winding down now, just begun or will premiere later in the year, there are a lot of shows coming to an end in 2017.

Some of the shows shuttering their doors are the best of their genre. Saying they'll be missed is an understatement.

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1. Orphan Black - BBC America

Orphan Black - BBC America
Orphan Black's upcoming fifth season, premiering in April, will be the last spend with our sestras. Will we meet even more of them before they unentangle themselves from everything the clones have been involved in? Will they live happily ever after? Please?

2. Girls - HBO

Girls - HBO
We're two episodes into the final 10-episode season of Girls and knowing we'll never see them again is kind of painful whether you got to know them initially through love or hate watching (hey, it happens). You still have time to watch it all before the end.

3. Bates Motel - A&E

Bates Motel - A&E
Norman is already psycho and on his way to full-blown Psycho in ways only he can do. Norma is gone, but he's kept Mother alive and well. There's no doubt this amazing series will go out as only Bates Motel can.

4. Teen Wolf - MTV

Teen Wolf - MTV
So the first half of Teen Wolf Season 7 was all about finding Stiles. At least he'll be around for the second half of the end, right? Think positive! They're going out swinging. I just know it.

5. Switched at Birth - Freeform

Switched at Birth - Freeform
Despite the many problems Bay and Daphne went through as they came to terms with their unique position in this world, we already know they'd never switch back if given the choice. We're richer for having watched Switched at Birth.

6. Grimm - NBC

Grimm - NBC
Before Grimm, who would have believed we'd mourn the day we'd no longer have Fridays to look forward to with wesen and woging? Yet here we are.

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