17 TV Characters Who Would Have Made A Killing During Prohibition

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7. Poison Ivy - Gotham

Poison Ivy - Gotham
Banning goods many people crave means it will be difficult for supply to keep up with demand. It's not a problem for Poison Ivy though. Thanks to her plant powers, she'll always be flush with the raw materials needed to make beer, wine, and liquor.

8. Rick Castle - Castle

Rick Castle - Castle
Rick Castle made a very shrewd business move when he bought The Old Haunt tavern. He knows how to keep the good times going and has plenty of friends on the force willing to look the other way while they partake in the festivities. Not to mention the fact a secret passageway always comes in handy.

9. Pierce Hawthorne - Community

Pierce Hawthorne - Community
Pierce Hawthorne is always open to new business ventures. For good or ill, he always goes with his gut. So while everyone else warred over prize money, Pierce was already raking in the dough thanks to his decision open up Fort Hawthorne -- complete with a saloon where dance majors can dance and Leonard plays the piano.

10. Piper - Charmed

Piper - Charmed
Is Piper Halliwell qualified to run a speakeasy? Let's see, she's a gourmet chef, knows how to run a nightclub, can freeze time, and ran a speakeasy in her past life. She's overqualified.

11. Veronica Lodge - Riverdale

Veronica Lodge - Riverdale
Veronica has style and entrepreneurial spirit. Running a speakeasy fits her to a tee. Warning to all Ghoulies, corrupt cops, and villainous fathers looking to take advantage: don't even bother because Veronica will show you the door.

12. Phineas & Ferb - Phineas and Ferb

Phineas & Ferb - Phineas and Ferb
Phineas and Ferb can do anything; it's a proven fact. Their speakeasy would be more successful in one day than all the other speakeasies running the entire length of Prohibition combined. Don't expect them to be busted anytime soon.

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