17 TV Characters Who Throw Such Good Parties We Need An Invite

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13. Maeve Millay - Westworld

Maeve Millay - Westworld
A badass brothel madam who understands the needs of her guests? Yeah, Maeve sounds like someone who would host a terrific event in the Mariposa Saloon. Do your best to stay away from the hosts' bad side, and remember to dress up!

14. Josie - Legacies

Josie - Legacies
Like mother like daughter. Josie followed in her mother, Caroline's, footsteps by being the "most popular" at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. If her 16th birthday extravaganza was any indication, she's capable of throwing a New Year's shindig that would excite the vampires, wolves, witches and hybrids alike.

15. Zoey - From black-ish to grown-ish

Zoey - From black-ish to grown-ish
Zoe, the eldest sibling in the Johnson family, is hip, fashionable, and cool. She went from being the "most popular girl in high school" to the college party girl, so if you're thinking of re-living your college experience -- we're talking keggers, experimenting with drugs, and the hook-up culture -- she's the one to make plans with.

16. Hakeem - Empire

Hakeem - Empire
The hip-hop lifestyle includes partying non-stop. From birthday parties to club parties at Leviticus to album release parties, the Lyon Empire finds any and every reason to party. And that goes double for Hakeem, the youngest and once-favorite son of hip-hop mogul Lucious and Cooke Lyon. As he attempts to take the throne, his condo is basically party central.

17. Barbara Kean - Gotham

Barbara Kean - Gotham
Barbara Kean is a crime gangster of fine taste. Previously an art gallery owner, she now owns the high-end Sirens club. But while you're sure to have a good time and may even be hypnotized by some acts, the caveat is that she may kill you. Did we fail to mention she's been a patient at Arkham Asylum? How far will you go for a good time?

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