17 Top Energy Vampires on Television

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7. Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory
There's nothing more energy-sapping than a nerdy genius. It's not that we're against nerds or geniuses, but when the only meaningful conversation you can have with a guy like Sheldon is about Star Trek, well, we'd rather not. Not only that, Sheldon is another person who thinks he knows more than everyone else, and that in itself will tire you out in no time.

8. Missy Cooper - Young Sheldon

Missy Cooper - Young Sheldon
Little kids are the energy vampires everyone seems to forget. The worst ones are those that never stop chatting. Try to tune these kids out all you want, but before you know it you'll be reaching for a pillow and blanket wondering where all your patience -- and energy went.

9. Cam Tucker - Modern Family

Cam Tucker - Modern Family
We love Cam. We really do, but his need for attention and drama can be too much at times. He always seems to need a moment, and the more people he can involve in his overblown crises, the better. He's an energy vampire of the worst kind, and one you need to stay far, far away from.

10. Ruby Johnson - Black-ish

Ruby Johnson - Black-ish
Ruby is an energy vampire who stays hidden in the shadows until it's time to strike. Like most vampire mothers, she comes out when you least expect it and at your most vulnerable times. Lost your job? Time for her to feed? Arguing with the spouse? Time for her to feed. She might seem like she cares, but all your troubles are what she loves to feed on most.

11. Jill Kendall - Mom

Jill Kendall - Mom
Have problems much? Women like Jill Kendall are conduits for drama. Every problem a person could have, Jill has gone through it, and she's more than happy to let you know about it, too. There's nothing wrong with trying to help a friend out, but when every day presents a new problem, it's time to find a new friend -- unless you love being sucked dry.

12. Cordelia Chase - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cordelia Chase - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It's funny that an energy vampire lived in the Buffyverse. Sure she ended up with all kinds of weird powers and whatnot later in life, but she started out as an energy vampire without anyone even knowing it. It was all about Cordelia 24/7, but money will do that to some people.

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