17 Times YOU Nailed Creepy Male Behvior

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13. Joe's Projection

Joe's Projection
Peach definitely had a few issues of her own, however when Joe would monologue about Peach's possessive behavior, he never once acknowledged his own creepy tendencies toward Beck.

14. When Peach's Editor Tried To Make A Move On Beck

When Peach's Editor Tried To Make A Move On Beck
Remember the book editor that Peach put in Beck's path? Having a powerful man trying to solicit sex from a female coworker is unfortunately nothing new. Shout out to Lifetime for this relevant bit of plot.

15. When Beck's Professor Gets Too Close

When Beck's Professor Gets Too Close
Yet another older male mentor trying to get close and creepy with a young female. Of course, Beck managed to get out of this relatively unscathed. Unfortunately, many women aren't so lucky.

16. Disrespecting Beck's Secrets

Disrespecting Beck's Secrets
Joe finds out that Beck lied about her father's death and feels slighted by her secrecy. But isn't this Beck's secret to tell? Men aren't owed your entire life story.

17. Stealing Beck's Agency

Stealing Beck's Agency
By taking out the competition, hacking her electronics, and following her whenever she is out of his sight, Joe steals Beck's ability to reject him. Creepy, and terrifyingly real.

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YOU Quotes

A guy needs to protect himself. I had to make sure you're safe, and your name was a glorious place to start. Not a lot of Guinevere Becks. And there you were, every account sent to public. You want to be seen, heard, known, and of course, I obliged.
Born and raised Nantucket Island. A brother Clyde and sister Anya. Your parents really were assholes about the names. Your folks split when you were 12. Your dad dropped out of the picture.
Went to Brown where you majored in Lit. Cool. And minored in douchebags. Eh. And then on to NYC to conquer an MFA, and make your mark presumably. Now you still write, barely. Too busy living out moments you won't remember five years from now. I know this because you post about this life all the goddamn time. Candidly, it's the least appealing thing about you, Beck.

Joe Voiceover

Beck: At the end of the day people really are disappointing, aren't they?
Joe: Sometimes they surprise you.