17 Sexiest Sidekicks on TV

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Superhero shows are hitting television left and right, which means one thing: sidekicks!

Our favorite TV heroes always need a good body man or computer whiz to back them up on their latest mission to save the world!

Don't rule out the werewolves or the zombies though, they've got some of the best backup ever, when it comes right down to it. And then there are those every day best friends, who stick with you through thick and thin! 

Check out some of TV's sexiest sidekicks below and try your hardest not to drool. Some of them are just too pretty for words. But don't let looks deceive you! Some of these guys could probably break you in half without even trying.

1. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
No one can deny that when it comes to sidekicks, Felicity Smoak brings both brains and beauty. Give her a laptop and some wifi, and you just know you're taken care of. Oliver would tend to agree, since he puts his life in her hands practically every night of the week.

2. Stiles (Teen Wolf)

Stiles (Teen Wolf)
Are we ever going to learn Stiles' real name? No matter how unpronouncable, it would be nice to be on a first name basis with Scott's ever-faithful human sidekick. Stiles is always on hand with his quick wit and super sleuthing skills whenever Scott needs help with the latest supernatural disaster to befall Beacon Hills.

3. Donna Paulsen (Suits)

Donna Paulsen (Suits)
For 12 years, Donna served Harvey faithfully as his secretary, the best kind of sidekick there is for a top tier lawyer in New York City. Whether it's finding a button for an old suit, dodging unwanted appointments, or even impersonating a federal agent, Donna will do whatever it takes to help Harvey win.

4. Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones)

Jorah Mormont (Game of Thrones)
Has there ever been a more faithful or devoted servant in all the seven kingdoms? Okay, disregard that one time he was a spy. He's really, really sorry about it! Moving forward, let's hope that Jorah can redeem himself in Dany's eyes and take his rightful place as her trusted sidekick. No one else quite fills those shoes like he does.

5. Cisco Ramon (The Flash)

Cisco Ramon (The Flash)
Team Flash would be lost without brainy little Cisco, and the meta-humans of Central City would be completely nameless. You think it's easy to come up with winners like Captain Cold and the Bug-Eyed-Bandit? Think again! Cisco is the heart and soul of STAR Labs, and don't you forget it!

6. Bird Castro (Finding Carter)

Bird Castro (Finding Carter)
While it hasn't always been smooth sailing between Bird and Carter, there really is no better friend than a girl always willing to lend a hand – or a spare dollar – in your time of need. Especially when Carter's times of need so often tend to tangle with law enforcement!

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