17 Reasons We Adore Katie Cassidy

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There's nothing like a little good news to raise the spirits!

With the news Katie Cassidy will be returning to Arrow Season 6 (and appearing in a couple more episodes of Arrow Season 5) as the "evil" Laurel Lance of Earth-2, we were doing a happy dance.

And with a happy dance comes the desire to share the moment. Why does are we so excited she'll be back weekly?

Check out the photos below to see if you can figure it out.

1. Katie Has Skills

Katie Has Skills
Katie has a lot of skills. Not only can she act, she's model gorgeous and has a lifestyle and fashion website, TomboyKC.com, with her best friend. Her hair looks amazing in this photo, right?

2. Katie Uses Her Celebrity to Raise Public Awareness

Katie Uses Her Celebrity to Raise Public Awareness
Katie is an ambassador for Cybersmile. "Katie will help raise awareness of the issues of cyberbullying and digital abuse affecting so many people around the world, as well as amplifying our messages of hope, support and positivity to empower victims of bullying online." Way to go, Katie!

3. Katie Became Our Black Canary

Katie Became Our Black Canary
Look, say what you will, but Katie Cassidy made her mark as our Black Canary. She's the sister of White Canary. She's Dinah Laurel Lance on Earth-1 and Laurel Lance of Earth-2. The outfit suited her.

4. Katie's Gorgeous

Katie's Gorgeous
Seriously. Look at this photo. How can you NOT crush on Katie? She's so fashionable and intense. Notice how the lighting carves out a mask on her face? Interesting.

5. Katie was a Gossip Girl

Katie was a Gossip Girl
This site was founded with a lot of love for all things Gossip Girl, and that love included Katie as Juliet Sharp. If there was a cool show out there, Katie was on it!

6. Katie's Smile is Infectious

Katie's Smile is Infectious
Look at the smile on Katie. When she smiles, you want to smile with her. Laurel Lance (deceased) didn't do enough smiling. Let's hope Laurel 2, whether evil or redeemed, does a lot more of it.

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