17 Mystery-Solving TV Couples

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13. Dan & Blair - Gossip Girl

Dan & Blair - Gossip Girl
Disliking one another didn't stop Dan and Blair from working together to take down Georgina Sparks. However, teaming up to find out why Juliet Sharp was hell-bent on destroying Serena planted the seeds for a more intimate relationship between the two.

14. Barry & Iris - The Flash

Barry & Iris - The Flash
Barry and Iris have solved many conundrums together before, but the mystery of parenting may be their greatest challenge yet.

15. Castle & Beckett - Castle

Castle & Beckett - Castle
For Caskett fans, it was never a question of if Castle and Becket partnership could extend beyond solving crimes but when.

16. Eleanor & Chidi - The Good Place

Eleanor & Chidi - The Good Place
Eleanor and Chidi love each other because they help each other. No matter how many moral dilemmas they need to puzzle out, demonic bureaucrats they need to outwit, or layers of the afterlife they'll need to peel back, Eleanor and Chidi will always be there for each other, which is why they're soulmates.

17. Ruzek & Upton - Chicago PD

Ruzek & Upton - Chicago PD
Just as Ruzek and Upton started hooking up, their cases became personal. Ruzek feared his dad was involved in a drug ring. Another case forced Upton to relive memories of childhood abuse. Most characters in similar situations would push their lovers away, but Ruzek and Upton are only finding new reasons to rely on one another.

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