17 Mystery-Solving TV Couples

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7. Chloe & Lucifer - Lucifer

Chloe & Lucifer - Lucifer
The Devil turned his back on Hell. An actress turned detective became an outcast. They help each other solve crimes, but that's only the beginning of their entanglement.

8. Conrad & Nic - The Resident

Conrad & Nic - The Resident
Personal tragedy tore Conrad and Nic apart. Figuring out the right treatments for misdiagnosed patients and uncovering Dr. Hunter's scheme to defraud healthy people brought them back together.

9. Aram & Samar - The Blacklist

Aram & Samar - The Blacklist
Samar may have been the intelligence officer capable of tracking down Red in 74 days, but it still took her a few seasons to read the signs and accept the fact she's in love with Aram. Fortunately, they've been making up for lost time.

10. Amy & Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory

Amy & Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory
Amy and Sheldon are exactly the type of couple who would work on unraveling the mysteries of the universe during their wedding day. No wonder they thought Penny and Leonard's perfect wedding gift to them was a scavenger hunt.

11. Boothe & Bones - Bones

Boothe & Bones - Bones
Boothe and Bones can't stop intermingling their personal and professional lives. Making up after fighting over living arrangments triggers murder-solving epiphanies.

12. Fitz & Simmons - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fitz & Simmons - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Their mutual passion for unraveling scientific mysteries brought Fitz and Simmons together. Figuring out how to save the world and each other-- repeatedly -- made them realize they were in love.

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