17 Miserable Characters (We Wouldn't Want Any Other Way)

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These characters are just miserable. They even talk about it.

And you know what we have to say about it?

Don't go changin'!

That's right. We kinda love watching these miserable sots. Not only does their gloom make us feel better about our own lives, it's what makes them tick. 

Whether they're good detectives, good doctors, good lovers or just good jackasses, their wretched lives only make them that much better.

1. Meredith - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith - Grey's Anatomy
Maybe it's just working where does that makes her so miserable, because it is one of the incurable diseases amongst the staff workers at Grey Sloan, but all the drinking and dancing in the world can't seem to knock the misery out of Meredith's life. Her happiness is infrequent despite having good friends and adorable kids.

2. Harry - The Flash

Harry - The Flash
So far, Harry isn't downright Evil, so perhaps miserable is a win. And his daughter, Jesse, IS being held in a cage by evil dude, Zoom, and Harry's inability to stop him is forcing his hand to work with him. But still, until we see a genuine smile on this guy's face, there's nothing to say he won't always be hopeful more misery is on the way.

3. Ray - Ray Donovan

Ray - Ray Donovan
Ray could have it all. Alright, his wife, kids and family are all pains in the asses. We'd be miserable if they were our lot in life, too. But he doesn't really do a lot to help the situation. If anything, he just digs himself in deeper, ensuring their happiness at his expense.

4. Quinn - UnREAL

Quinn - UnREAL
On top of the fact she's just a manipulative bitch, Quinn has the added pressure to do both her own work at Chet's, for which he only treats her like a doormat, even stealing and selling her ideas as his. She gets her strength by treating others similarly, which ain't good.

5. Andre - Empire

Andre - Empire
Is there anything more miserable than having no talent in a talented family? Even though he has a way with business and money, it still doesn't match up to the criminal ways his father can get ahead. His good heart will always come up short.

6. Dougal - Outlander

Dougal - Outlander
Dougal wants what Jamie has, lock, stock and barrel and there's not a single thing he can do to get it. He's not even happy with the bonny time traveler of his own he has (not that she shares like Claire). Since he can't get what he wants, he'll wallow and try to make everyone around him do the same.

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