17 Male TV Characters That Are Probably Feminists

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13. Fox Mulder - The X-Files

Fox Mulder - The X-Files
Mulder is another example of a guy that through his partnership with a woman, shows a continuous support of equality. His relationship with Scully is the center of the story, much like Bellamy and Clarke, and Fox's trust in his partner and the way that he relies on her without question further proves that.

14. Jamie Fraser - Outlander

Jamie Fraser - Outlander
Jamie's relationship with Claire comes to mind immediately, and yet it is the way that he treats everyone around him that deserves consideration when placing him on this list. Jaime's respect for the women around him is just part of him, and it is another successful way of portraying that.

15. Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer

Lucifer Morningstar - Lucifer
Lucifer as a show has made room for all its female characters to have their stories explored in equal measure, so the fact that the main male lead does the same is predictable in a very cool way.

16. Scott McCall - Teen Wolf

Scott McCall - Teen Wolf
Who could look and Scott and think that he is anything but supportive and respectful of those around him? If that isn't enough, look no further than the relationships that he shares with all the women in his life, from his mother who he adores to his girlfriends that he is in awe of.

17. Ben Wyatt - Parks and Recreation

Ben Wyatt - Parks and Recreation
Ben Wyatt's unbreakable belief in his wife's career and in her success was just one of the reasons we knew he was right for Leslie and for us as the audience. Almost every man on Parks and Rec is nothing but supportive of the women in their lives, but it is Ben that displays that so consistently and not only to Leslie, but to April as well. There are so many sitcoms especially that eventually have the woman give up on her dream to make way for her husband's, and Ben proves that this shouldn't ever be the case.

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