13 Hot Characters Who Can't Seem To Find Love

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7. Khaleesi - Game of Thrones

Khaleesi - Game of Thrones
There's no denying that Khaleesi is a beautiful woman, but she just can't seem to keep a man. I'm sure we all wept as she smothered the last bit of life out of Drogon. Since then, she's had suitors, but they were only interested in her body or her dragons.

8. Derek - Teen Wolf

Derek - Teen Wolf
Derek may have bid adieu to Beacon Hills for now, but he never had any sort of relationship that spanned more than a few episodes. He and Kate were great together, but considering she was a wicked bitch, she didn't deserve him. If (when) he returns, I hope he's got a chick with him.

9. Sam & Dean - Supernatural

Sam & Dean - Supernatural
Sure, they are the hottest bros on TV, but all of their signifcant others end up in flames on a ceiling, or are just disappear without a trace. Will they find lasting love before the show says goodbye? Don't bet on it.

10. Brenna - Chasing Life

Brenna - Chasing Life
Brenna has had a rough time since the show kicked off. She engaged in a tumultuous relationship with Greer, who just totally disappeared from the show, and more recently, she tried her luck with an older chick with a psycho ex. Will her kiss with Ford make them pursue a relationship?

11. Regina - Once Upon A Time

Regina - Once Upon A Time
She may have flirted with darkness several times, but she now has her Robin, and he just so happens to be the father of her nephew. This might be a little too soapy for the fantasy drama, but it ain't gonna end well!

12. Noah - Scream

Noah - Scream
How do you piss off someone who finally finds a girlfriend? You brutally kill her off! Yes, shy guy Noah had his life turned upside down when the love of his life was killed off as he spoke to her on Facetime.

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