17 Fashionable Fellas

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13. Dean Winchester

Dean Winchester
Who says you can't hunt monsters in a bow tie? Dean occasionally suits up for the job, even if he feels totally out of place doing it. Not to worry, Dean. You look just FINE!

14. Gunnar Scott (Nashville)

Gunnar Scott (Nashville)
Gunnar is more the flannel and faded jeans type, but he'll occasionally take to the stage in a vest and tie, and that look really, really works for him. Add the scruff, and you've got one seriously sexy musician.

15. Daniel Grayson (Revenge)

Daniel Grayson (Revenge)
As a trust frund brat, we're willing to bet Daniel Grayson probably grew up in a suit. Of all the terrible things that happened to him on his wedding day, that tux is not one of them. He looks downright yummy.

16. Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl)

Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl)
Has anyone ever looked sexier in tails than Nate Archibald? We'd argue no. The early years of Gossip Girl always had the kids dressing up for this debutante ball or that masquerade party. Ahhh the good old days.

17. Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)
He said it himself, nothing suits him like a suit! Barney almost exclusively wore clean cut business suits for all nine season of How I Met Your Mother, and he looked damn good doing it!

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