17 Chilling TV Shows You Should Watch With the Lights On

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7. Supernatural

Pick any tall tell, scary story, or legend that you can remember. Odds are, Supernatural did an episode on it. While the series hasn't been as scary as it was originally, some of the creatures the Winchesters had to face had us shivering under our covers.

8. The Order

The Order
There's something unnerving about Netflix's The Order that can't be explained. Probably because the characters can't really explain what's happening either. Beware, you're bound to be left confused when you mix secret societies with werewolves.

9. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars
What started off as a show about a group of teenagers being bullied by an anonymous source quickly escalated. Some people are killed, some come back from the dead, and others are kidnapped and held hostage in a lifesize dollhouse.

10. Eye Candy

Eye Candy
Cyberstalking is terrifying because of how real the threat is to everyday life. Revolving around a tech genius who has caught the eye of a psychotic internet predator, Eye Candy had us jumping every time there was a knock on the door.

11. Stranger Things

Stranger Things
If you're into the supernatural, Stranger things has got you covered. It's impossible to explain anything that's happening in this town, and your mind will be spinning alongside the characters.

12. Riverdale

Yes, it may be cheesy at times, but Riverdale does have its fair share of chilling moments. The cast of high-schoolers may drag it down scare-wise, but whenever Betty would get a call from the Black Hood, the creep factor tended to triple.

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