17 Characters You Do NOT Want To Mess With

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Ever think about which TV characters you would not want to meet in a back alley? 

We at TV Fanatic composed a list of current characters that we would not want to make angry. Some of them are good guys, some are pure evil, and others are somewhere in the morally ambiguous middle. 

All of them can hold their own in a fight and stand up for themselves and the people they love. 

When it comes to these 17 characters, it is probably best to stay on their good side! 

1. Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow

Malcolm Merlyn - Arrow
Malcolm Merlyn is the epitome of a villain. After his wife is murdered, he is bent on revenge, which turns him evil. Merlyn has killed his lover's husband, destroyed part of Starling City (which killed his son), and brainwashed his own daughter to kill an enemy. He is also super manipulative, forcing his nemesis, the Arrow, to make a deal with him to make him leader of the League of Assassins, an organization that had previously hunted him.

2. Kate Beckett - Castle

Kate Beckett - Castle
Beckett is one of the good guys, but if she's on the case, bad guys better beware! She has a habit of becoming obssessed with bringing down killers without any regard to her own safety. She's a fantastic cop and does her job well, but when she goes rogue for a case, it's better to steer clear.

3. Melinda May - Agents of Shield

Melinda May - Agents of Shield
They don't call her "the cavalry" for nothing. Agent May is absolutely someone you want on your team as she will get the job done. But, trust us when we say you do not want to betray her. Ward learned that the hard way when she crushed his larynx and shot him in the foot with a nail gun.

4. Hank Voight - Chicago P.D.

Hank Voight - Chicago P.D.
Voight is a good cop, but he's never been one of the strictly "by the book" types. He's more of an "any means necessary" kind of guy. That means he's not opposed to beating suspects in an interrogation room to get them to talk. And if you try messing with his family or team, well, it was nice knowing you.

5. Annalise Keating -How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise Keating -How To Get Away With Murder
Annalise is a brilliant attorney who represents some of the worst criminals. She is not afraid to pull out all the punches and do whatever it takes to win a case. It doesn't have to be right, or be morally just, it just has to work, even if it means framing an innocent person for murder.

6. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
Walkers beware! Daryl is smart, strong, and has near perfect aim with a crossbow. He's also an expert hunter and tracker. He's a good guy to have around in a zombie apocalypse, just don't get on his bad side!

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