17 Characters With The Best Alter Egos

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13. Fiji /Dark Fiji (Midnight, Texas)

Fiji /Dark Fiji (Midnight, Texas)
Fiji was as surprised as everyone when she found out that she was a dark witch because we all know there is no way the loveable charm caster is evil. After pledging herself to her dark ancestor, she acquired a whole new personality and within a short period managed to put everyone in peril.

14. Jane Villanueva/Fun Jane (Jane The Virgin)

Jane Villanueva/Fun Jane (Jane The Virgin)
Jane wears a lot of hats: mother, daughter, lover. For this reason, she can be a little wound up and always on her game, that is until after a few drinks (or when she's with Adam), and fun Jane comes out to play. And remember, fun Jane isn't to be trifled with because she eats rap battle opponents for lunch.

15. James McGill/Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)

James McGill/Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul)
We got to meet the man Jimmy transforms into on Breaking Bad before getting his origin story. But watching him headline his own show, witnessing his gradual metamorphosis from a lawyer trying to do the right thing into the sleazebag whisperer of the drug-dealing underworld we know he is going to be has been exhilarating.

16. James St Patrick/Ghost (Power)

James St Patrick/Ghost (Power)
The dichotomy between the two personalities was never sharper than in the first season. Whereas James St Patricks's life was messy and full of unnecessary drama, Ghost was bossing it up and handling his business with unerring efficiency.

17. Howard Silk (Alpha)/Howard Silk (Prime) (Counterpart)

Howard Silk (Alpha)/Howard Silk (Prime) (Counterpart)
For the uninitiated, this is basically two doppelgangers from alternate earths switching places and both trying their best to impersonate the other on their respective earths. While Howard (Prime) was failing miserably at being Howard (Alpha), Howard (Alpha) was killing it as Howard (Prime). It's only testament to J.K Simmons' pin-point performance as both Howards and how he infuses both characters with such distinct personalities that it's exciting to watch J.K Simmons playing Howard pretending to be other Howard and other Howard pretending to be Howard.

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