17 Characters Who Look Hot When Wet

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7. Brody - Homeland

Brody - Homeland
Sure he might be a terrorist, but one look at his sodden face and it's hard to blame Carrie for falling for him.

8. Jeremy - Sports Night

Jeremy - Sports Night
When Jeremy shows up to meet his date at a bar in a downpour, he comes prepared with a raincoat and umbrella. There is definitely something sexy about a man who comes prepared, and something even sexier about a man who will chivalrously part with his umbrella for a woman.

9. Sawyer - Lost

Sawyer - Lost
Life on a "deserted" island is bleak, with primitive conditions and unfriendly inhabitants. However, with his sexy long hair and ever present stubble, Sawyer also looks desirable, even on the brink of execution in a torrential downpour.

10. Jess - Gilmore Girls

Jess - Gilmore Girls
When Rory was having trouble turning off the sprinklers while taking care of a neighbor's lawn, Jess comes to the rescue, getting drenched in the process. And we get to see this tempting troublemaker soaking wet, which is a good look for any sexy brooder.

11. Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black

Piper and Alex - Orange is the New Black
Piper and Alex's relationship runs hot and cold, but when it's hot, it's scalding. It's not just the shower that's steaming up this bathroom.

12. Holder - The Killing

Holder - The Killing
Getting caught in the rain is a pretty standard occurence for residents of Seattle. That's not a problem for Holder who always manages to look sexy in his standard hoodie.

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