17 Characters Who Could Use A Nice Dose Of Reality

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7. John - American Horror Story: Hotel

John - American Horror Story: Hotel
This dude takes the title for one of the worst written characters of American Horror Story ever. Why should someone who murdered people get to spend a night with their family once a year? At least he didn't die in the hotel, but seriously why does he think he's entitled to it?

8. Annalise - How To Get Away With Murder

Annalise - How To Get Away With Murder
This woman has everyone doing her dirty work. She needs to step up and stop getting into messy situations with her clients. She also needs to quit using the other lead characters' pasts against them. Poor Bonnie.

9. Diana - Younger

Diana - Younger
Diana seems to think that Charles is into her, but to be quite honest, he's far from it. She takes her frustration out on Liza constantly and it's not fair. Liza needs to step up and tell her to quit being a bitch.

10. Piper - Orange Is The New Black

Piper - Orange Is The New Black
Prison changes you and it's changed Piper for the worse. Gone is the women that fell in love with Alex and now we have a woman that's more concerned about committing felons from the inside than being a free woman. Alex, you need to help her!

11. Lip - Shameless

Lip - Shameless
Lip has done some questionable things, but he really needs to stop boning Helene. It seems like she wants him to off her husband, which will screw up his potential future. It's time for his family to intervene because he's way too posessive over her.

12. Maxwell - Supergirl

Maxwell - Supergirl
What do you do when you're a power hungry villain? Make your own super human of course. Yes, all Maxwell wants is power and because he has none himself, he's making his own super human to do his bidding. Crazy, right?!

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