17 Women Who Get Stronger With Wine

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7. Penny Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory

Penny Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory
Penny doesn't need alcohol to have fun (she's the life of the party!) but that doesn't mean she doesn't likes a little wine on special occasions and girls nights and with dinner... Well, basically any day that ends in Y.

8. Helen Solloway - The Affair

Helen Solloway - The Affair
Helen was raised in an upperclass family that drinks wine like water. As an adult, she often drinks to forget about her cheating ex-husband, whom she still loves, and his mistress turned wife.

9. Linda Belcher - Bob's Burgers

Linda Belcher - Bob's Burgers
She may not be the cool mom but she is definitely the fun one. Just don't accuse her of being drunk when she's only had half of four bottles of wine. She knows her limit! Still, no matter what she says, stop her when she gets to 16.

10. Mindy Lahiri - The Mindy Project

Mindy Lahiri - The Mindy Project
Mindy may be a mess -- she once fell asleep during a movie and spilled so much red wine that when she woke up she thought she had been shot -- but at least she's a hot mess. She also has an amazing wine bra to keep her company.

11. Olivia Pope - Scandal

Olivia Pope - Scandal
Olivia can fix everyone's problems except her own and she's got a lot -- running OPA, consulting with the White House, sleeping with the President when she's not sleeping with his right hand man. Luckily, for her own problems, she has red wine and popcorn.

12. Skyler White - Breaking Bad

Skyler White - Breaking Bad
Being married to Walter White was intense. It's not easy protecting your family from the man who's supposed to be protecting it but Skyler got by with a little help from her wine.

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