16 Relationships That Won Our Hearts

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7. Olitz - Scandal

Olitz - Scandal
Here's the thing: Olitz has always been polarizing to fans, and part of that is the show's knack for shoving this relationship down our throats. Scandal Season 6 had just the right dose of everything, solidifying it as the show's best since Season 2. Part of that was down to putting Olitz back together and knowing the exact amount of time to spend on their relationship per episode. - Paul

8. The TAC Team - Bull

The TAC Team - Bull
The T.A.C. Team on Bull: this is the A-Team of jury science and everyone has their niche and expertise as well as their vulnerability. Michael Weatherly's Dr. Jason Bull anchors them as captain and could easily chomp on a cigar and mumble how much he loves it when a plan comes together at least once an episode. The team is able to question decisions freely but ultimately trusts each other to be the best they can be. With Marissa's wisdom, Cable's tech savvy-ness, Danny's spy skills, Benny's courtroom brilliance, and Chunk's sensible flair, this team pulls together and makes magic happen. - Diana

9. McGee and Gibbs - NCIS

McGee and Gibbs - NCIS
McGee has grown a lot since we first met him, from a nervous young agent to Gibbs's right-hand man. Gibbs has encouraged him both professionally and personally, so it was incredibly heartwarming in NCIS Season 14 Episode 23 when Gibbs stood by McGee and advised him to just "breathe" when overcome by the stress of his fiancee facing a health crisis. And at the end of the episode, when McGee married Delilah, Gibbs presented him with the watch off his own wrist, which had been given to Gibbs's father by his mother on their wedding day, and was now engraved with the words "Breathe, Tim." - Katie

10. Wolfgang and Kala - Sense8

Wolfgang and Kala - Sense8
Wolfgang and Kala from Sense8 are nothing short of intoxicating. They could not be more different and yet that's what makes their relationship work so well. It's unusual, risque and forbidden, but it's one of the best relationships on the show. They have some of the steamiest scenes too. Kalagang is a ship I can get behind. - Jasmine

11. Liv and Clive - iZombie

Liv and Clive - iZombie
Liv and Clive from iZombie aren't a romantic pairing, but they easily have one of the best relationships on the show. This season they have gotten closer than ever before because Clive knows the truth about Liv. It has provided viewers with some truly funny moments, but it also has given us some emotional ones as well. They have become more than just partners. They're true friends. - Jasmine

12. Jughead and Betty - Riverdale

Jughead and Betty - Riverdale
Jughead and Betty on Riverdale. They definitely filled the hole in my heart that's been there since Days of Our Lives killed off Paige and destroyed JJ and Paige's beautiful relationship. - Jack

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