15 Underrated Emmy-Nominated Shows That Deserve More Love

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13. Godless

Godless, nominated for an expansive 12 Emmys, is a western series that follows a gang out for revenge against a deserter, but the members of the deserter's new town won't stand for the fighting. The show's visuals are stunning, the narrative is compelling, and the show is an all-around favorite that ultimately deserves more love.

14. Waco

Waco takes on the stand-off in Waco, Texas, between FBI and several external parties. Although not a perfect show, it approaches a biographical and historical story in a much more effective way than other similar stories, even if it does dive into controversial territory. Ultimately, it's a powerful story that is compelling and visually interesting, tackling a challenging story.

15. Mom

Premiering in an era of sitcoms, this Chuck Lorre-created comedy was often overshadowed by larger sitcoms including The Big Bang Theory (also created by Chuck Lorre). Now, Mom is overshadowed by cable shows and new single-camera comedies, but Mom has been going strong. Starring Anna Faris and Allison Janney, the show follows a daughter and mother, respectively, navigating addiction and their dysfunctional relationship after being estranged. Janney won two Emmys for her role in Mom and is currently nominated for another.

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