15 Underrated Emmy-Nominated Shows That Deserve More Love

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7. The Tick

The Tick
The Tick follows a non-superpowered man determined to become a superhero in a world where there are, in fact, superheroes -- but that won't stop him. It's engaging, lighthearted, and relatable -- and a unique turn in a time with plenty of mainstream superhero shows.

8. Counterpart

J.K. Simmons starts in Counterpart, a science fiction thriller that follows a man who discovers that scientists created a portal to an alternate reality -- and discovers his counterpart in that alternate reality. It's an innovative premise with a darker feel that diverges from many science fiction shows of today -- in a good way.

9. Lost in Space

Lost in Space
If you're a fan of science fiction visuals, then Lost in Space is for you. This remake of the 1960s show follows a family who crash-lands and must survive, and the show is nominated for an Emmy in the visual effects category. The show puts visual effects at the forefront of the story, making it a compelling one for those fascinated by science fiction.

10. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams
Like Black Mirror, Electric Dreams is an anthology series, but unlike Black Mirror, Electric Dreams takes on a lighter and less dystopian tone. Electric Dreams is comprised of adaptations of Philip K. Dick stories and will delight all those who enjoy literary science fiction and more traditional stories.

11. Somebody Feed Phil

Somebody Feed Phil
Phil Rosenthal, creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, will take you on a food journey across the world as he eats food from a variety of cultures. It's not quite a food show and not quite a travel show, but it will entertain you if you enjoy learning a bit about food. You'll certainly enjoy Phil as he lights up from trying all of the different cuisines.

12. Patrick Melrose

Patrick Melrose
Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the titular character, a man struggling with addiction, past trauma, and the first-world problem of having way too much money. The show takes a fascinating look at this new angle, diving deep into his personal life and a semi-autobiographical story.

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