15 Reasons Timeless Rocks & Needs to Be Renewed

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You've probably heard friends mention Timeless in passing. If you haven't, you need to get new friends (I kid, mostly), and you need to add this sci-fi time-traveling show to your "summer binge list" ASAP. 

I expected to like this series, but I didn't expect to be the spokesperson for it. Now, whenever someone asks me for a show recommendation, I blurt out the title with such pride and gusto, it's like I'm personally responsible for its brilliance. 

There is so much the: refreshing premise, beloved cast, lifelong friendships, and a conspiracy theory! 

There is such a passionate fanbase, they persuaded NBC to un-cancel the series and greenlight a second season.

Unfortunately, history is repeating itself, and the series has been on the proverbial chopping block for more than a month now. 

Waiting for a renewal decision has been more frustrating and anxiety-laden than any of Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus' trips.

But regardless of the verdict, here's why YOU should be jumping aboard the lifeboat to watch Timeless here.

And if you have time, start tweeting #RenewTimeless enough times to get Matt Lanter's attention. 



1. It's So Much Fun

It's So Much Fun
I know that sounds incredibly cliche but seriously, you will have a blast getting invested in this series. Each episode travels to a different point in history and focuses on a specific event that happened that day.

The possibilities are endless, and we're constantly in awe as the pages of history books come to life, and the trio finds themselves rubbing elbows with the likes of Harry Houdini, Harriet Tubman, and John F. Kennedy. The poignant "what if" moments have been my favorite part since they really show you how one seemingly innocent moment in time could alter the future completely.

2. You'll Become a History Buff

You'll Become a History Buff
They make history fun again! These are the moments you've probably heard about in those boring old textbooks, but now, you're living through them. And living through them while knowing what happens next! Knowing the future is a huge responsibility which they also touch upon often. Imagine meeting Abraham Lincoln and sitting in the balcony box just before he got shot, almost becoming one of notorious serial killer H.H Holme's first victims, or meeting your idol Marie Curie. We don't blame Lucy for geeking out.

And if you glossed over some things in history class or flat out didn't pay attention, this is a nice albeit quick refresher. Sometimes, I even learn a thing or two about an awesome historical figure that I've never heard of like leading lady/inventor Hedy Lamarr. Look her up, you won't regret it.

3. The Cast is Unbelievably Talented

The Cast is Unbelievably Talented
History aside, the series is character driven, and there is so much talent within this group of people. Each performer is so captivating, they make it an easy watch. They were all recruited to the Time Team because they serve a greater purpose.

Lucy is the historian whose expertise helps them figure out significant moments about the date the Mothership jumped to. Wyatt is delicious eye-candy and a former soldier who is trained to fight and protect his team. And Rufus starts off as the shy one but quickly emerges as the heart and soul of the trio. He's also the pilot so without his programming skill set, they don't get very far.

4. The Supporting Cast

The Supporting Cast
And unlike most shows, the supporting cast is just as layered, complicated and intriguing. Denise Christopher from Homeland Security has integrity and is the backbone of the missions, Connor Mason is the genius who invented time machines, Jiya is the resourceful techie who helps get the Lifeboat out each time, and Garcia Flynn is a multifaceted villain who you can't help but root for.

5. The Fashion Is Everything

The Fashion Is Everything
I would walk a mile in Lucy's shoes simply to be able to wear those period ensembles. Sadly, I don't think I'd pull it off the way she does. She channels everyone that came before her; her looks range from the Civil-War era's elliptical skirts to the 20s flapper dress to a wool suit that would put Jackie Kennedy to shame. The wardrobe doesn't just serve as their disguise, it brings the past to life in visually stunning way!

6. There's a Cultural Relevance

There's a Cultural Relevance
Before Rufus goes on his first mission, he acknowledges that "no place in history will be awesome for him." And he's right. Nothing is ever as difficult for Wyatt as it is for Rufus, a black man traveling to time periods when slavery was in full-swing. While it shows you how far we've come, it also shows you firsthand how difficult life was for the "others." And because of his skin color, he's a target and is oftentimes stuck doing the lesser jobs as to not get made.

There are also plenty of limitations for Lucy as she's a woman traveling to time periods where they weren't encouraged to have a voice. I was so struck during one episode when Lucy spoke up for herself and a man scoffed at her then told Flynn to "control his wife."

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