17 Men in Suits Who Make Us Swoon

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7. Neal Caffrey – White Collar

Neal Caffrey – White Collar
Neal Caffrey was a conman, a charmer, and an FBI consultant, and he was good at them all, but not nearly as good as he was at wearing a suit. To his credit, Neal always wore a suit. Maybe they gave him that added confidence to pull off a good con, or perhaps he just knew how much his blue eyes shown when he was wearing the right suit.

8. Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass – Gossip Girl
Whether he did it in white, pin stripes or his favorite purple, Chuck Bass knew how to wear a suit. Gossip Girl's resident bad boy was the object of many a woman's desire and many a man's scorn but no one can say he didn't own his look. If asked why he was able to look so good in a suit…well, the answer was obvious. “I'm Chuck Bass.”

9. Cary Agos - The Good Wife

Cary Agos - The Good Wife
Cary Agos always looks sleek and sophisticated. He tends to wear a suit with a powerful but not over-powering tie. The Good Wife's costume designer, Daniel Lawson says, “Cary wears a one button, slim suit on the show." From off-the-rack Calvin Klein to custom-made Martin Greenfield and Thomas Pink shirts, Cary keeps it simple but still makes a statement. We especially like the neatly folded pocket squares.

10. Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother

Barney Stinson - How I Met Your Mother
No one can say that Barney Stinson didn't look amazing in his suits. He wore them like designer armor and even performed a dance number (with Tim Gunn stepping in as Barney's onscreen tailor) in order to defend them. Barney's go-to suits were by Dolce & Gabbana but he also wore the occasional Prada, Paul Smith, YSL, and Marc Jacobs.

11. Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods

Frank Reagan - Blue Bloods
As Police Commissioner of the NYPD, Frank Reagan exudes a certain stature and his suits reflect that. His suits are custom made from Ralph Lauren Polo. The dress shirts are also custom made. The fact that the entire ensemble just happens to be worn by actor Tom Selleck makes it all the more impressive.

12. Edwin Jarvis - Marvel’s Agent Carter

Edwin Jarvis - Marvel’s Agent Carter
Agent Peggy Carter's stalwart and plucky sidekick is almost never found without his suit. According to the show's Emmy award winning costume designer Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, Jarvis is dressed in custom three-piece suits that are generally done in tweeds or subtle plaids. He may not have a huge selection of suits but they are impeccably chosen with appearance and practicality in mind.

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