15 Characters On Borrowed Time

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7. Gabriel - The Walking Dead

Gabriel - The Walking Dead
Gabriel is one of the dullest characters on television right now. It's never easy to tell what he really means when he's speaking with the other characters. He has never made much of an impact on the show, and it would probably make sense to write him out. Would The Walking Dead write someone out without them dying? Um, no.

8. Quentin - Arrow

Quentin - Arrow
Okay, so Arrow has a habit of killing off the parental figures, so it would not be all that surprising to lose him during Season 6. He is a great character, but it would rock Oliver and those closest to him to their very core. Could the new villain be the one to kill Laurel and Sara's father in the line of duty?

9. Nicky - Orange is the New Black

Nicky - Orange is the New Black
Nicky has struggled with many things throughout the years on Orange is the New Black, but she always finds her way back to drugs and that will ultimately be her undoing. She turned a corner during Orange is the New Black Season 5. But how long will it last?

10. Frank - Shameless

Frank - Shameless
Frank is one of the worst people on the planet. He's always looking for a way to get his latest fix of drugs and alcohol... even if it means leaving his family without a dime. Oh yes, he would sell his family to the mafia without thinking about it. With the show entering Season 8, the end is very likely approaching and that means Frank will likely die.

11. Detective Hoppy - Stranger Things

Detective Hoppy - Stranger Things
Season 2 debuts later this year, and we're already super worried about the fate of multiple characters, but something tells us that Detective Hoppy will be the one to go. He held the key characters together throughout Season 1, so it would make for an interesting narrative if he was taken out of the equation earlier in the season. "Justice for Hoppy" would legit become a thing.

12. Bryce - 13 Reasons Why

Bryce - 13 Reasons Why
Bryce is a despicable individual who was instrumental in Hannah Baker taking her own life. He is a sexual predator, and he needs to get his comeuppance when the show returns. Death seems like the most likely way for him to go.

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