14 Females Who Are Absolutely Fearless

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Some women are absolutely fearless, and we're pointing them out to you.

Whether they're charging into battle, braving unbelievable circumstances or just trying to get through the day, the 14 females below doing it without showing any fear.

Do you know of some other fearless females on TV you'd like to point out to us?

Hit the comments, and add them to the list!

1. Claire - Outlander

Claire - Outlander
Maybe it was her experience as a nurse in the war, but despite finding herself in one of the most unique experiences out of anyone, Claire always portrays herself as in total command of her feelings. Sure, she'll fall apart later, but she puts on a brave face.

2. Desna - Claws

Desna - Claws
Desna watches over her brother who needs extra help, and that might be what has made her so brave. Even facing death in the face didn't turn her to a puddle. She always asks for what she wants and does what she can to raise up everyone around her.

3. Wynonna - Wynonna Earp

Wynonna - Wynonna Earp
Wynonna is just another gun-slinging Buffy-esque ass-kicker holding up her end of a deal thrust upon her by destiny. A fearless girl battling demons according to her destiny is exactly the type of badass we love around here.

4. Laura - American Gods

Laura - American Gods
Alright. Laura is dead now, but even when she was alive, she was huffing bug spray in her hot tub and taking risky chances in cars that sent her to her death. Dying made no impact and battling demons in pieces is easy peasy.

5. Jane - The Handmaid's Tale

Jane - The Handmaid's Tale
The bedroom is Jane's haven, and she can break, but in public, she will be as stoic as a single tear will allow. Nobody will get the better of her as she fights to survive the hellish Gilead created by men. She will prevail – whether only to flee Gilead with her daughter or to help overthrow the heinous government remains to be seen.

6. Dariela - Zoo

Dariela - Zoo
Former military woman Dariela ran face first into the line of fire many times, and now that she has a child of her own – one of the last to be born on earth – there's no doubt nothing will stop her from keeping him safe.

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