13 TV Shows That Need To Crossover

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7. Parks and Recreation and The Office

Parks and Recreation and The Office
These shows may be off the air, but that doesn't mean we still don't want to see these characters cross paths. An episode in which both groups of workers were present would cause the kind of havoc that viewers wouldn't want to miss.

8. 13 Reasons Why and Big Little Lies

13 Reasons Why and Big Little Lies
Both of these rather mature series have mysteries that are hard to solve and characters who are good at solving them. Well, for the most part. Can you imagine what would happen if both casts of characters got pulled into a mystery together?

9. Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy

Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy
There's not really a solid reason for wanting these shows to intermingle, other than we think it would be a fun time. The characters just seem like they could play off of each other easily, and the overarching aspect of both shows give off a similar vibe.

10. Grey's Anatomy and The Resident

Grey's Anatomy and The Resident
Grey's Anatomy feels like it has hundreds of doctors, while The Resident feels like it has about five. Although Conrad is still a resident and most of the characters on Grey's Anatomy are trained surgeons, it wouldn't be surprising if Conrad could give them all a run for their money.

11. Good Girls and Superstore

Good Girls and Superstore
This one may be cheating as we used Superstore previously, but the show just offers so many crossover opportunities. Beth, Annie, and Ruby frequently carry out their criminal activities at a Cloud 9 store, so we can only imagine what would happen if they paid the one in St. Louis a visit. Something tells us that Dina may be the only person who can catch these badass ladies in the act.

12. YOU and Lucifer

YOU and Lucifer
Joe has gotten away with every bad thing that he's ever done. It's become clear that it's going to take a genius to bring him down, and who's better equipped to solve the mystery than Chloe and Lucifer?

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