13 TV Episodes to Watch in Preparation of the Super Bowl!

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13. Smart Guy - Rooferman, Take One (1998)

Smart Guy - Rooferman, Take One (1998)
Smart guy, T.J, convinces Floyd to make a commercial for his businesses and accidentally gets it aired during the Super Bowl. Look, I don't know how much commercials cost back then but this would never happen now! And how cute is baby Tahj Mowry?!

14. BONUS: This Is Us - The Game Plan (2017)

BONUS: This Is Us - The Game Plan (2017)
At its core, This Is Us is a show about a family that is very passionate about sports and consequently, the Super Bowl. In this flashback scene, we learn Rebecca and Jack aren't on the same page about children. Poor Miguel and Shelly have to bear witness to that awkward convo, smack-dab in the middle of the bar during the game. But the Steelers weren't the only ones getting lucky that night; the Big Three were conceived in the bathroom of the local bar. So much for not wanting kids.

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