13 TV Characters Who Need Some Extra TLC

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7. Ed and Kelly - The Orville

Ed and Kelly - The Orville
Ed Mercer and Kelly Grayson aren't exactly miserable, but their relationship definitely needs some extra TLC this New Year's Eve. It was unclear if they actually took their peanut butter dinner to the next level, but if they didn't, then New Year's Eve would be the ideal time for them to kick it into high gear. We all know they still love each other, so let's help them along by preparing a romantic dinner for two with a good bottle of bubbly, and let nature take its course!

8. Kelly Severide - Chicago PD

Kelly Severide - Chicago PD
Nightmare doesn't even begin to describe what Severide has gone through this year. Being accused of a hit-and-run was serious, but losing Anna was even worse. Downing back a couple of beers isn't high on his list, but talking about his horrible year just might be. Here's to a better year ahead!

9. Marcus Keane - The Exorcist

Marcus Keane - The Exorcist
Just as he's about to get out, he's reeled right back in. Marcus has been fighting demons almost his entire life. When Mouse showed up, it was like a miracle. She had provided him with a way out. He had met a man who was everything he'd ever dreamed of and was prepared to live a happy life with Peter. But things change in a heartbeat and before he even had a chance to say goodbye to his old life, God decided he wasn't ready to let Marcus go just yet. Poor Marcus. Maybe he does need some bubbly to go along with the hugs!

10. Penguin - Gotham

Penguin - Gotham
Does anything ever go Penguin's way? Just when he's in his King of Gotham groove, Sofia comes along and pulls the carpet from under him. She handed Penguin to Jim on a silver platter, and now Penguin is stuck at Arkham -- again. Even if Jerome is his cellmate (and we can't wait to see how that develops), Penguin has lots to cry about this New Year's Eve. Let's him give him our shoulders and a few encouraging words. We know he'll be back to his terrorizing ways soon enough, but right now he's just too angry to see straight.

11. Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
This girl is one hot mess who just needs a good friend or two to sit her down and help her get her head straight. Her year has been one big disaster from being dumped at the altar to making poor bed partner decisions. Throwing herself off a cliff isn't the solution. A pity party isn't necessarily out of the question this New Year's Eve. Who doesn't need a good cry and a few bottle of wine when the world turns upside down on you? Get it out of your system and then bear down to make sure next year is better than the last.

12. Amelia Sheperd - Grey's Anatomy

Amelia Sheperd - Grey's Anatomy
It's been a rough year for Amelia, but we hope things are turning around for her. After surviving major brain surgery and some awful after effects, there's nowhere to go but up. Recovery is a hard process, but Amelia can get through anything. If there's anyone that needs to celebrate the new year to come, it's Amelia. Chocolate martinis might not be on the menu, but virgin margaritas could be. A small get-together with friends could be exactly what the doctor ordered!

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