13 Times We Screamed at the TV in Anger!

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7. Castiel's Sudden Demise- Supernatural

Castiel's Sudden Demise- Supernatural
Say it ain't so! Well it isn't. It's already been confirmed that Castiel will be returning to Supernatural in "some" capacity, but that didn't keep us from blurting out a few expletives when our favorite angel was "supposedly" killed.

8. Jerome's Death - Gotham

Jerome's Death - Gotham
When we were first introduced to Jerome, we were hooked! There was something about Cameron Monaghan's portrayal of the character that had us invested in what was being presented as Gotham's version of The Joker. However, the joke was on us fans as Jerome was killed at the hands of Galivan, leaving many fans outraged. That anger was short lived though, as the writers were able to resurrect our favorite laughing psychopath in season 3.

9. Team Arrow Undermining Oliver - Arrow

Team Arrow Undermining Oliver - Arrow
Through five seasons, Oliver Queen has been through it all. The man knows what he's doing, so it has become incredibly frustrating that the rest of the team constantly undermine him. Disagreeing is one thing, but more often than not, someone on team arrow tries to go out of their way to challenge Oliver's position or alter his plans.

10. The Red Wedding - Game Of Thrones

The Red Wedding - Game Of Thrones
It should be no surprise that we have another moment from Game of Thrones on this list. In fact, I could easily devote this entire list to the series due to it's nature of bringing out the rage in all of us. While no surprise to readers of the novels, those who were unprepared were hit hard. There was no celebration, thrown rice, or dancing at this wedding. Just betrayel, spilled blood and death.

11. Locke Kills Jacob - LOST

Locke Kills Jacob - LOST
There were so many strange and mysterious elements that surrounded LOST. One of which revolved around Jacob, the supreme ruler of the Island. The show had built so much hype and mystique to the character through the early seasons, that he was made out to be this supernatural entity. Once the Man In Black returns to the Island using Lock's appearance as a guise, Jacob is quickly killed as viewers screeched "what?" Having everything culminate to that one moment ended up being huge letdown for the series.

12. Cut to Black - The Sopranos

Cut to Black - The Sopranos
We're going a little ways back with this one, but for good reason. The ending to the series finale of The Sopranos was not only abrupt, but frustrating to say the least. It left most fans angry and cheated. The ending was intended to be ambiguous, but it just ended up being a dissapointing end to a show that deserved a much better curtain call.

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