13 Times Our Favorite Heroines Got Wasted

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7. Guaranteed Happy Endings

Guaranteed Happy Endings
If you want guaranteed Happy Endings, you're more likely to pick up a glass of wine. Penny sure looks like she's on her way to happiness...or a hangover...in this particular shot! Time to slow down, Penny.

8. No Heroines Here!

No Heroines Here!
Alright, there are no heroines in this shot, but with the way these Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are grabbing for the bottle as if it's the last wine on earth, we know being wasted is in their future.

9. More Pink Wine

More Pink Wine
All the guys immediately start buying pink wine for Jess on New Girl after she exclaims that it makes her slutty. Some things are better left unsaid!

10. The French Aren't All that Dainty

The French Aren't All that Dainty
Megan's mom, Marie, just started guzzling right out of the bottle on Mad Men. Remember when she was sort of the alluring French woman? Yes, even they just kick back and get wasted.

11. Any Way She Can Get It

Any Way She Can Get It
Olive Pope will take wine any way she can it on Scandal, and that means right out of the bottle like all the other little people. And out of the glass, but her glasses are big. She inspired women all over the world to drink wine with her, so, good show, Olivia!

12. Work Wine

Work Wine
Work wine drinking often leads to drinking in embarrassing places and in embarrassing ways, as Robin showcases here in a scene from How I Met Your Mother. She's hiding under her desk, and yet sobbing. She's highly unlikely to remain hidden for long in that case.

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