13 Times Law & Order: SVU Supported LGBTQ Rights

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7. The Danger of Outing People Without Consent - Closet

The Danger of Outing People Without Consent - Closet
It can be dangerous to out someone as gay without their permission, as Law & Order: SVU Season 9 Episode 16 demonstrated. In this story, a gay football player was suspected of murdering his boyfriend and got beaten up badly when the press outed him as gay.

8. Transgender Children - Transitions

Transgender Children - Transitions
Law & Order: SVU Season 10 Episode 14 dealt with several issues related to transgender children, including the question of whether they should take hormone blockers and the connection between parental rejection and suicide.

9. Coming Out at Work - Hardwired

Coming Out at Work  - Hardwired
Law & Order: SVU Season 11 Episode 5 featured an LGBTQ subplot when Dr. Huang came out to the team during the course of an unrelated investigation. Huang's portrayer, BD Wong, is gay in real life, which helped add nuance and realism to this story.

10. Hate Crimes - Criminal Hatred

Hate Crimes - Criminal Hatred
By the time Law & Order: SVU Season 14 Episode 12, storylines involving crimes against LGBTQ people were all too common. However, this story took things a step further by having ADA Rafael Barba attempt to charge the perpetrator with a hate crime.

11. Gays Aren't Pedophiles Part II - Dissonant Voices

Gays Aren't Pedophiles Part II - Dissonant Voices
Law & Order: SVU Season 15 Episode 7 again explored the theme of false accusations of pedophilia, this time with the ruination of the career of a popular -- but gay -- teacher thanks to baseless accusations.

12. Transphobic Bullying - Transgender Bridge

Transphobic Bullying - Transgender Bridge
Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 3 told the story of a transgender girl who was bullied by a bunch of kids and who ultimately ended up dying of her injuries. This story was an imperfect examination of the issues, but it did shed light on the fact that bullying often came out of ignorance and that it could be fatal.

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