13 Most Shocking Twists in Vampire Diaries History

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The Vampire Diaries has had some crazy twists over the years. 

Have a look below at the ones that took our breath away the hardest. Which was the most bat $hit crazy of all-time in your opinion?

1. Vicki Dies

Vicki Dies
Vicki was shockingly killed off when it became clear she could not cut it as a vampire. After trying to kill several people, Stefan took it upon himself to kill her.

2. Katherine and Elena are Doppelgangers

Katherine and Elena are Doppelgangers
How crazy was the twist that Katherine and Elena were doppelgangers? It really set the show aside from the other vampire dramas. It's just a shame the plot was overused.

3. Empty Tomb

Empty Tomb
Remember the hype surrounding Katherine showing up in Mystic Falls? Damon was ecstatic to get his love, but she was not in the tomb. It was a great twist because it helped viewers feel sorry for Damon.

4. Who Are the Parents?

Who Are the Parents?
Like viewers, Elena was shocked to the core when she discovered that John was actually her father and Isobel was her mother.

5. Mason & Katherine For Life?

Mason & Katherine For Life?
With Katherine still a new character, it was a shock to learn that she was actually in cahoots with Uncle Mason. It's just a shame he was killed off so quickly.

6. Klaus Kills Jenna

Klaus Kills Jenna
After Jenna was turned into a vampire, it was only a matter of time before she died and Klaus was only happy to kill her.

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